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“She is a good girl, though, but I can’t deal with her anger issues and her bad mouth that becomes very evident when she is angry, even over the smallest things. I can’t take it. She is very disrespectful sir.”

“Did you try talking to her about these issues before you went your separate ways?”

“It’s impossible to have any meaningful discussion with Joy about this. She doesn’t want to accept that she has issues sir.”

This immediately reminded me of a young lady I almost got married to. I walked out of that relationship because she never apologized. If I offended her, I had to apologize. If she offended me, I still had to apologize just to keep the peace and keep things going.

Like Philip, I tried talking to her, but her ego was too great to allow her to accept that there was a problem to deal with. Instead of accepting my observations and taking action, she would start another fight.

I started looking for the slightest opportunity to walk away, and when it came, I didn’t look back.