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I couldn’t contain my excitement for Thursday’s appointment, so I called Joy the very next day after my meeting with Philip, urging her to meet me at my house after church. As soon as I left the meeting, I hurried back home, eager to offer support and guidance to Joy.

Seated with my wife on our balcony, I spotted Joy walking into the compound. Leaning in towards my wife, I whispered, “You know, this lady has incredible potential if only the obstacles in her life are removed.” With a gentle smile, she responded, “Of course, my dear. Now that she has opened up to you, I trust that God will use you to perform the necessary surgery.”

Having arranged the appointment to discuss Joy’s relationship struggles and guide her towards self-improvement, I watched as my wife graciously opened the door to welcome her. Warm pleasantries were exchanged, and Joy specifically mentioned that she was looking for me, Mr. Speedwell. It was evident that my wife was aware of our meeting, and I was grateful for her support in creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for Joy.

Once we were all settled in the private area of my living room, I couldn’t help but observe the interaction between Joy and my wife. My wife’s genuine interest in others and her ability to create a warm environment left me in awe.